How To's

Everything you need to know about your Aura Air

In the app

How to add a new device

How to add a new location

How to Personalize the app with Heidy

How to Share My Aura

How to remove a device from my account

Moving your device from one location to another

How can I change the device modes?

How do I remove a location?

How to check when my filter needs to be replaced

Getting Started

How to install a new Aura Air device?

Check out this video for a short guide on installing your new Aura Air device!

Where should I place my Aura Air?

That's a great question! For maximum airflow and purification, we recommend placing your Aura Air device at a radius of at least 20 in/50 cm from surrounding objects - including the floor, ceiling, windows, and other objects (as pictured below). Make sure an electrical outlet is at a distance of 78 inches / 200 cm or less. And of course, Wi-Fi should be in range. For more help, watch our Introduction video!

What comes inside the package?

In the Aura Air package, you will find your brand new stunning Aura Air device, a wall adaptor, plugs that will suit all electrical outlets, a Smart Jig that will help you plan and hang your new Aura Air device, all the necessary screws, anchors and washers for installation.

How to download the Aura Air app?

Download the app by scanning the following QR codes, or just search "Aura Air" on the App Store or Play Store.

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